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Welcome to Helions Forge, we are a blacksmith, fabrication and decorative metalwork company based in Cambridgeshire. We combine our skills, knowledge and love for design to fabricate unique products for homes and gardens. 


Our products are made using traditional blacksmithing and hand-worked methods to ensure each item is unique. Working alongside our customers, we build personalised products that will be cherished. Customers have the opportunity to lead the creative design process, incorporating their specific requirements and personalisation. Our Products are handcrafted, made to measure and offer a striking addition to any home or garden.

At Helions Forge, we strive to implement innovative design and ironwork expertise to produce custom furniture, bespoke gates and railings and artistic commissioned pieces. Take a look at our portfolio for further information regarding our range of products. We offer free designs and quotes on all enquiries, so please get in touch.

Our Services


We create handcrafted decorative tables, bespoke seating and a variety of custom made shelving units. All of which provide a stylish addition to any home and garden.


The steel frames have an initial galvanised coat, followed by a powder-coated finish. We offer a variety of wood and finishes to provide an effect that best suits your setting and budget. This ensures each piece is eye-catching and durable.


Iron gates and railings provide the perfect blank canvas to explore our creativity. We offer an extensive variety designed for driveways and gardens, commercial properties and automated electric systems. 


All can be fully customised and made to measure, ensuring a precise and unique finished product. Our railings and gates are secure barriers and adhere to all building regulations. 

Music Festival Stage Design

We relish a challenge and are keen to take on innovative and exciting projects. Our commissioned pieces involve traditional metal-working and blacksmithing techniques.


Ranging from large sculptures to unique metal wall art, we are always eager to explore creative ideas. We work closely with our customers to ensure they play a key role in the design process. 

Unique Product Range

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At Helions Forge we create one-of-a-kind products, tailored to suit our customers and their surroundings. Our meticulous design process involves hand-drawn sketches and detailed 3D CAD models to effectively create the desired outcome.


We offer free designs and quotes on all enquiries. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

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