Custom Furniture

We excel by combining artistic detail with functionality. Our customers have the opportunity to lead the creative design process, incorporating their specific requirements and personalisation. Our products are hand crafted, made to measure and offer a unique addition to any home.


Our custom furniture is constructed from various materials, such as wood, glass and metal, providing an effect that best suits your setting and budget. We offer a variety of wood options, ranging from reclaimed scaffold boards to exotic hardwoods. The steel frames of our decorative tables, bespoke seating and custom shelving units have an initial galvanised coat, followed by a powder coated finish. This ensures the steel is eye-catching, durable and protected from rust. The combination of materials creates unique an impressive products.

We accommodate all kinds of styles and themes, whether that be for an Industrial Chic loft, a minimalist Scandinavian office, a retro Art Deco living room or a rustic country styled kitchen. Our meticulous design process evolves from hand-drawn sketches to detailed 3D CAD models, effectively producing your desired product.

We make a range of seating options in the form of benches, stools & chairs. When it comes to seating we think the main priority should be comfort, this is why we make sure that all of our wooden tops are wide enough to create a comfortable seat and are finely sanded to a smooth finish. 

After comfort comes the design, we work hard to make sure that our benches, stools and chairs are all designed in a way that makes them really stand out. Whether buying a set of stools for the garden or a couple of chairs to match one of our bespoke tables we can asure you that the finished product is to a high quality. 

We are able to completely customise any of our standard benches, chairs & stools at your request. All of the measurements can be adapted to make sure your item fits perfectly in your home or garden.  We can also offer a wide range of different finishes to both the metal and the wood, to find out more have a look at our "Finishes Page". 

All of our benches, chairs & stools are hand made by the Helions Forge team in Suffolk. 

Shelving units come in so many different shapes and sizes it can be tricky to find the right one for your space. Thats why we have made it possible to order completely custom units. This means you can choose every aspect of the unit that we will build for you including measurements, amount of shelves, shelf depth and colour. 

By having these options available we are able to provide you with a shelving unit that looks exactly how you would want it to look and will also fit the space it will be put perfectly. 

We have a wide range of finishes for both the metal and the wood that you will be able to choose from. For more information on the finishes we provide check out our "Finishes Page". 

All of our shelving units are hand made by the team at Helions Forge in Suffolk.