Gates & Railings

Our ambition at Helions Forge is to design unique and innovative products. Iron gates and railings are the perfect blank canvas to explore our creative ideas. Hand-crafted and made to measure, we ensure that all our metal gates and railings are constructed to each customer's specifications. We ensure our railings and gates are secure barriers and meet all building regulations.

We offer an extensive variety of iron gates designed for residential driveways, commercial properties and automated electric systems. All can be fully customised, made to measure, ensuring a precise and unique finished product.

Incorporating a variety of styles and themes, our iron railings provide a striking addition to any home, commercial or public property. Our bespoke designs range from natural twisted grape vines to geometric cross hatching, however. Each railing is adapted and worked to match our customers' design concept.

We understand that each setting is different, therefore our handmade gates and railings can be built to fit all shapes, sizes and angles. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the final aesthetic effect. Our gates and railings undergo an initial galvanised coat, followed by a powder coated finish. This combination ensures each product is durable, weather resistant and aesthetically pleasing. 

At Helions Forge we make a wide range of standard and bespoke railings. From experience we know that railings need to come in a whole range of different shapes, sizes and angles. We are able to work with our customers to design and create the perfect set of metal railings to fit any space. 

All of our railing designs can be completely customised to fit your space perfectly. We can also turn each of our designs into an angled railing to fit as barriers for staircases, steps and other inclines. As well as being able to change the dimensions and angles we can also change the mounting options to meet your needs. 


We make sure that our railings have a spacing distance that is no more than 100mm wide which means all of our railings comply with the latest building regulations and are safe and secure. 

Our railings are all treated with a galvanised undercoat which protects the metal and prevents rusting meaning that all our railings are very low maintenence. We then apply a powder coated finish which is available in a wide range of colours. To find out more about our finishes check out our "Finishes Page". 

All of our railings are hand made by the team at Helions Forge on the boarders of Suffolk and Essex.