Our grapevine railings are made up of 12mm x 12mm upright square bars with a spacing of no more than 100mm to comply with regulations.


We make each railing by hand, carefully twisting the vines through the bars so that they resemble the natural growth of a grape vine. Once the main vines have been set in place we then add the smaller vines, leaves, tendrils and lastly the grape bushels.


There are a variety of different finishes to choose from including bare steel, painted and galvanised. There are a variety of powdercoated finishes to choose from, all of which are galvanised first to ensure they are long lasting and rust-free.


Prices start at £395.00 per metre 

Grapevine Railings

  • The Grapevine Railings can be made to measure, this means we can work with a wide range of custom dimensions. 

    To enquire about a custom grapevine railing get in touch with your prefered dimensions and we will provide you with a free design and quote.